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Permalink to Emperor Wang Gun (2000)

Emperor Wang Gun (2000)

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Emperor Wang Gun (2000)
Synopsis Drama This is a historical drama about King Taejo of Goryeo, the founder
Permalink to The After Dinner Mysteries (2013)
The After Dinner Mysteries (2013)
Synopsis Drama Reiko is a rich heiress to an industrial and financial business conglomerate,
Permalink to All About Ah Long (1987)
All About Ah Long (1987)
Synopsis Drama Chow Yun-fat plays Ah-Long, a father living a low-class lifestyle, while trying
Permalink to Waiting to Bloom (2013)

Waiting to Bloom (2013)

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Waiting to Bloom (2013)
Synopsis Drama Meng Ni, Guan Hai, and Qin Bing all graduated from the Art
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Season of Love (2013)

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Season of Love (2013)
Synopsis Drama A private detective (Kenneth Ma) goes through an overlap of love stories,
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Case Number (2013)

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Case Number (2013)
Synopsis Drama Jang Joon Suk is a detective who works with a prosecutor, Seung
Permalink to Goen Hunter (2013)

Goen Hunter (2013)

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Goen Hunter (2013)
Synopsis Drama 37-year-old Hasumi Rika is the customer centre supervisor at a medium-sized mail
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Dust In The Wind (1986)

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Dust In The Wind (1986)
Synopsis Drama The sublime opening sequence of Dust in the Wind follows a nearly
Permalink to Onna Nobunaga Special (2013)
Onna Nobunaga Special (2013)
Synopsis Drama In this altered edition of Japan’s history, Oda Nobuhide never had a
Permalink to Goodbye Debussy (2013)

Goodbye Debussy (2013)

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Goodbye Debussy (2013)
Synopsis Drama 16-year-old Haruka (Ai Hashimoto) lost the people she loved the most in
Permalink to Boys Don’t Cry (2008)
Boys Don’t Cry (2008)
Synopsis Drama 1953, the Korean war has ended, but the fight for survival has
Permalink to Neo Ultra Q (2013)

Neo Ultra Q (2013)

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Neo Ultra Q (2013)
Synopsis Drama In this strange world, monsters have appeared and become somewhat ordinary. Or
Permalink to Friend The Great Legacy (2013)
Friend The Great Legacy (2013)
Synopsis Drama Sung-Hoon (Kim Woo-Bin) was raised by his mother and doesn't have any
Permalink to Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)
Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)
Synopsis Drama Dragon Tiger Gate is a 2006 Hong Kong martial arts-action film directed
Permalink to Rak Ni Chuaniran (2013)
Rak Ni Chuaniran (2013)
Synopsis Drama Remake of Korean drama, Autumn In My Heart. Genre : Drama Actors
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Defendant (0)

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Defendant (0)
Synopsis Drama Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District
Permalink to Movie Buff (2013)

Movie Buff (2013)

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Movie Buff (2013)
Synopsis Drama KShow Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type
Permalink to Shoguns Samurai (1978)

Shoguns Samurai (1978)

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Shoguns Samurai (1978)
Synopsis Drama Following the death of the second Tokugawa shogun, it is revealed that
Permalink to Tokyo Shutter Girl (2013)
Tokyo Shutter Girl (2013)
Synopsis Drama The movie Tokyo Shutter Girl, based on the comic series by Kenichi
Permalink to Naayak (2013)

Naayak (2013)

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Naayak (2013)
Synopsis Drama A young man and his lookalike team up to fight injustice and
Permalink to The Queens Classroom (2013)
The Queens Classroom (2013)
Synopsis Drama   The drama will center around Ma Yeo Jin (Ko Hyun Jung),
Permalink to Soratobu Kouhoushitsu (2013)
Soratobu Kouhoushitsu (2013)
Synopsis Drama Inaba Rika (Aragaki Yui) is a director at Teito TV Network. Ever
Permalink to Aibou Season 12 (2013)

Aibou Season 12 (2013)

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Aibou Season 12 (2013)
Synopsis Drama I know some have asked whether I can provide subtitles for Season
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Sake Bomb (2013)

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Sake Bomb (2013)
Synopsis Drama Shy and naive Naoto (Gaku Hamada) gets a week off from work
Permalink to American Dreams In china (2013)
American Dreams In china (2013)
Synopsis Drama China, 2003. Beijing-based New Dreams language school - founded by Meng Xiaojun
Permalink to Umi no Ue no Shinryojo (2013)
Umi no Ue no Shinryojo (2013)
Synopsis Drama Sezaki Kota is a young doctor who runs a boat clinic, Kaishinmaru,
Permalink to Powerful Opponents (2008)
Powerful Opponents (2008)
Synopsis Drama Young-Jin, a 27-old-lady with natural born pride and desire to succeed and