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Doku (Poison) (2012)

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Doku (Poison) (2012)
Synopsis Drama “A completely undetectable poison that kills 24 hours after consumed.” It is
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Horse Doctor (2012)

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Horse Doctor (2012)
Synopsis Drama A Medical drama about the life of a low-class veterinarian of that
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Red Cliff (2008)

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Red Cliff (2008)
Synopsis Drama In 208 A.D., in the final days of the Han Dynasty, shrewd
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Kikyo (Going Home) (2005)
Synopsis Drama Haruo returns to his hometown for his mother’s second marriage and happens
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Planet of Snail (2012)

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Planet of Snail (2012)
Synopsis Drama Young-Chan comes from planet of snail where deaf blind people live slow
Permalink to Kaseki The Fossil (1975)
Kaseki The Fossil (1975)
Synopsis Drama This drama is adapted from a Japanese television mini-series. In the story,
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My PS Partner (2012)

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My PS Partner (2012)
Synopsis Drama Yoon-Jung (Kim A-Joong) accidentally calls a stranger, instead of her boyfriend, and
Permalink to My Daddy Is an Idol (2012)
My Daddy Is an Idol (2012)
Synopsis Drama Nishikido Ryo acts as a popular idol and member of Kanjani8 (or
Permalink to Keizoku The Movie (2000)
Keizoku The Movie (2000)
Synopsis Drama "Keizoku," unfolds in the present, beginning in the dimly lit basement office
Permalink to Kodomo Keisatsu (2012)

Kodomo Keisatsu (2012)

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Kodomo Keisatsu (2012)
Synopsis Drama Red Venus, with Yokohama as it's base, is an organization that mediates
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Rak Prakasit (2012)

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Rak Prakasit (2012)
Synopsis Drama Nid is a working woman who asked for a job as a
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Day Trip (2012)

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Day Trip (2012)
Synopsis Drama A master (Song Kang-ho) and his student (Jeon Hyo-jung) visit a mountain
Permalink to Stand Up! Vanguard (2012)
Stand Up! Vanguard (2012)
Synopsis Drama About Daigo as a wanderer who claims to be a genius and
Permalink to No Man’s Zone (2012)

No Man’s Zone (2012)

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No Man’s Zone (2012)
Synopsis Drama Documentary about the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident. Genre : Documentary
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takeshis (2005)

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takeshis (2005)
Synopsis Drama Beat Takeshi lives the busy and sometimes surreal life of a showbiz
Permalink to God’s Quiz Season 3 (2012)
God’s Quiz Season 3 (2012)
Synopsis Drama The old-timer Bae Tae Shik butt heads with Han Jin Woo acting
Permalink to Aibou Season 11 (2012)

Aibou Season 11 (2012)

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Aibou Season 11 (2012)
Synopsis Drama Tokumei Gakari (Special Mission Task Team) – is not considered as important
Permalink to Master Lin in Seoul (2012)
Master Lin in Seoul (2012)
Synopsis Drama Seoul, Korea With the unexpected passing of her father, management of the
Permalink to Ninkyo Helper (movie) (2012)
Ninkyo Helper (movie) (2012)
Synopsis Drama Hikoichi (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) decides to live an honest life and leaves the
Permalink to Gentle Mercy (2012)

Gentle Mercy (2012)

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Gentle Mercy (2012)
Synopsis Drama For anyone who wants to help me on this channel, please help
Permalink to Save the Last Dance (2005)
Save the Last Dance (2005)
Synopsis Drama Eunsoo (Eugene) is a pure but unsophisticated woman who runs a small
Permalink to Hayami san to Yobareru Hi (2012)
Hayami san to Yobareru Hi (2012)
Synopsis Drama Matsushita will play the lead role of ‘Kanai Yuriko’, the daughter of
Permalink to Seven Something (2012)

Seven Something (2012)

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Seven Something (2012)
Synopsis Drama Seven Something is a special love movie made to celebrate the glorious
Permalink to My Daughter Seo Young (2012)
My Daughter Seo Young (2012)
Synopsis Drama Era where the phrase "Blood is thicker than water" is no longer
Permalink to Yellow Boots (2012)

Yellow Boots (2012)

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Yellow Boots (2012)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about the revenge of a woman who lost everything
Permalink to Special Rescue Exceedraft (1992)
Special Rescue Exceedraft (1992)
Synopsis Drama Ekushīdorafuto?) is the last part of the Rescue Heroes Trilogy in Toei
Permalink to In Between (2012) (2012)
In Between (2012) (2012)
Synopsis Drama Meng Ke Huai is a popular romance novelist who suffers from writer's
Permalink to Big (2012)

Big (2012)

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Big (2012)
Synopsis Drama The mind of 18 year old Kang Kyung Joon somehow gets trapped
Permalink to Gangs of Wasseypur 2 (2012)
Gangs of Wasseypur 2 (2012)
Synopsis Drama For the uninitiated, the prequel, GoW, ended with the death of Sardar