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3 A M 3D 2012 (2012)

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3 A M 3D 2012 (2012)
Synopsis Drama Thailand's latest horror is made up of three chilling and stomach-churning stories...
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Let it be Love (2012)

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Let it be Love (2012)
Synopsis Drama Tung Hoi Yiu, Chloe (Charmaine Sheh), is an international superstar, and as
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National Security (2012)
Synopsis Drama From award-winning Unbowed director Chung Ji Young comes the controversial prison drama
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Highs and Lows (2012)

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Highs and Lows (2012)
Synopsis Drama Inspector Gordon Heung (Michael Miu) is loyal to a fault – so
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I Wish I Had a Wife (2001)
Synopsis Drama Bong-soo (Sol Kyung-Gu) has been working as manager of a small bank
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Syndrome (2012)

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Syndrome (2012)
Synopsis Drama A medical thriller drama set in the world of neurosurgery. A family
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La Femme Desperado (2006)
Synopsis Drama Chai Foon (Raymond Lam) and Ko Chi-Ling (Melissa Ng) - Chai Foon
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Can We Get Married (2012)
Synopsis Drama The drama revolves around a mother who gets involved in her daughters'
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Aoi Tori (2008)

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Aoi Tori (2008)
Synopsis Drama Higashigaoka Junior High School is in turmoil as one of the pupils,
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Clans Of Intrigue (1977)
Synopsis Drama Director Chor Yuen once again takes a chapter out of author Gu
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The Ring Virus (1999)

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The Ring Virus (1999)
Synopsis Drama Followed by the death of her friends, journalist Hong Sun-Joo comes across
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Shirato Osamu no Jikenbo (2012)
Synopsis Drama Shirato Osamu is a 24-year-old unemployed university graduate. Because he is a
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Forensic Heroes (2006)

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Forensic Heroes (2006)
Synopsis Drama Tim Sir and the police force are in charge of solving murder
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Wild Romance (2012)

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Wild Romance (2012)
Synopsis Drama Everything starts on the birthday of Eun Jae's dad. Eun Jae ran
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The Bullet Vanishes (2012)
Synopsis Drama Ding (Liu Kai-chi), the overbearing owner of a bullet factory in Tiancheng
Permalink to The Legendary Warrio (2006)
The Legendary Warrio (2006)
Synopsis Drama Emperor Li Shi Min of the Tang dynasty has frequently been plagued
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Umizaru 4 Brave Hearts (2012)
Synopsis Drama Mika (Riisa Naka) is a flight attendant on board an airplane scheduled
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The thieves (2012)

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The thieves (2012)
Synopsis Drama In order to let things cool down from their latest heist, Popeye
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Fried Dragon Fish (1993)
Synopsis Drama Plot summary : A salesman from Delta Works, a London-based computerized database,
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Absolute Boyfriend (2012)
Synopsis Drama Manga Synopsis - Riiko is a girl unlucky in love. One day
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Three Kingdoms RPG (2012)
Synopsis Drama Three Kingdoms RPG is a Hong Kong television series produced by TVB,
Permalink to Suugaku Joshi Gakuen (2012)
Suugaku Joshi Gakuen (2012)
Synopsis Drama The story, developed with the cooperation of the International Mathematical Olympiad in
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The Great Seer (2012)

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The Great Seer (2012)
Synopsis Drama The Great Seer begins during the reign of King Gongmin. But despite
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Fashion King (2012)

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Fashion King (2012)
Synopsis Drama Fashion King tells the story of young aspiring designers in Dongdaemun Market
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Queens of Diamonds and Hearts (2012)
Synopsis Drama When the Qi Kingdom becomes dangerously overrun with political strife, ancient guardian
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Baby and Me 2008 (2008)
Synopsis Drama Joon-Soo (Jang Keun-Suk) is a rebellious high school kid, popular with the
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Sweet Spy (2005)

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Sweet Spy (2005)
Synopsis Drama Nam Sang-mi plays widowed police officer Lee Sun-ae who finds herself suddenly
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Beloved (2012)

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Beloved (2012)
Synopsis Drama The drama tells the love story of a couple who has been
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Juvenile Offender (2012)
Synopsis Drama 16-year-old Jang Ji-Gu (Seo Young-Joo) takes care of his ill grandfather, while
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Dirty Mama! (2012)

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Dirty Mama! (2012)
Synopsis Drama Nagasaku will play the part of Takako, a police detective and a