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Permalink to Love and Fight (2003)

Love and Fight (2003)

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Love and Fight (2003)
Synopsis Drama A comedy featuring three single women working hard in a big city
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The Kingdom (1973)

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The Kingdom (1973)
Synopsis Drama A popular poet, Goku, becomes depressed when his editor jokingly suggests that
Permalink to GANTZ Perfect Answer (2011)
GANTZ Perfect Answer (2011)
Synopsis Drama Kurono Kei (Ninomiya Kazunari) and Kato Masaru (Matsuyama Kenichi) are summoned by
Permalink to Scabbard Samurai (2011)
Scabbard Samurai (2011)
Synopsis Drama Recently widowed samurai Kanjūrō (Nomi Takaaki) puts down his sword and abandons
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Osusama Game (2011)

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Osusama Game (2011)
Synopsis Drama One night, Chiemi Honda (Yurina Kumai) and childhood friend Nobuaki Kanazawa (Dori
Permalink to Ano Hareta Aozora (2011)
Ano Hareta Aozora (2011)
Synopsis Drama It's June of their third year of high school, and Takumi has
Permalink to Hachi-One Diver (2008)

Hachi-One Diver (2008)

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Hachi-One Diver (2008)
Synopsis Drama Sugata Kentaro used to be one of the most hopeful trainee to
Permalink to Into the Sunlight (1999)
Into the Sunlight (1999)
Synopsis Drama Follow the tumultuous lives of four twentysomethings -- spoiled rebel In-Ha (Tae-hyun
Permalink to A Reason to Live (2011)
A Reason to Live (2011)
Synopsis Drama After growing up under miserable circumstances, Da Hye (Song Hye Kyo) finally
Permalink to Shima Shima (2011)

Shima Shima (2011)

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Shima Shima (2011)
Synopsis Drama By day, Shio manages an aromatherapy salon. But by night, she is
Permalink to The Samurai season 6 (1964)
The Samurai season 6 (1964)
Synopsis Drama Adventures of Shintaro the Samurai travelling 18th century Japan with his trusted
Permalink to Kawa, Itsuka Umi e (2003)
Kawa, Itsuka Umi e (2003)
Synopsis Drama NHK’s 50th anniversary memorial drama serial. This drama consisting of several short
Permalink to The Raid Redemption (2011)
The Raid Redemption (2011)
Synopsis Drama Deep in the heart of Jakarta's slums lies an impenetrable safe house
Permalink to Seven Swordsmen (2006)

Seven Swordsmen (2006)

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Seven Swordsmen (2006)
Synopsis Drama n 1664, the Manchus take control of China and establish the Qing
Permalink to Cat Street (2008)

Cat Street (2008)

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Cat Street (2008)
Synopsis Drama A story about a talented child actress who wins back her dream
Permalink to Hanji (2011)

Hanji (2011)

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Hanji (2011)
Synopsis Drama During the Japanese invasion of Korea, the records of Joseon dynasty were
Permalink to My Way (2011)

My Way (2011)

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My Way (2011)
Synopsis Drama During the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1928, young Tatsuo (later played
Permalink to Twilight Investigation (2011)
Twilight Investigation (2011)
Synopsis Drama Encore (Wong Hei) is a private detective who works your normal investigation
Permalink to Marumo no Okite special (2011)
Marumo no Okite special (2011)
Synopsis Drama Abe plays the single Takagi Mamoru, an employee at a stationery maker.
Permalink to Hotaru no Hikari S02 (2007)
Hotaru no Hikari S02 (2007)
Synopsis Drama Hotaru works for a famous interior design company. It's a glamorous job
Permalink to Korean Cuisine and Dining (2011)
Korean Cuisine and Dining (2011)
Synopsis Drama Korean's Meal Culture and Their Stories Discover the Korean food culture through