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Zhong Wu Yan (2010)

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Zhong Wu Yan (2010)
Synopsis Drama A re-imagining of the story of Zhong Wu Yan in which she lives in
Permalink to Okami yo rakujitsu o kire (1974)
Okami yo rakujitsu o kire (1974)
Synopsis Drama A fugitive samurai encounters a married couple who steal mountain gold for
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Hong Fah (2010)

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Hong Fah (2010)
Synopsis Drama Kwan Usamanee portrays the lovely child of Ae and her husband, the
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Renai Gikyoku (2010)

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Renai Gikyoku (2010)
Synopsis Drama Popular TV screenwriter Mayumi Taniyama (Kyoko Fukada) suffers from the dreaded writer's
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Joint Security Area (2000)
Synopsis Drama Set along the ‘Bridge of No Return’ in Panmunjom, the demilitarized zone
Permalink to More Charming by the Day (2010)
More Charming by the Day (2010)
Synopsis Drama Song Ok Sook's husband walked out their family after his business went
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The Gingko Bed (1996)

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The Gingko Bed (1996)
Synopsis Drama Su-Hyun, a 30-year-old art lecturer and his girlfriend, Sun-Young have lived a
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The King Of Jail Breakers (2010)
Synopsis Drama Masayuki Suzuki (Itsuji Itao) is known as "Datsugoku Oh" (King of Escape)
Permalink to The Divorce Syndrome (2010)
The Divorce Syndrome (2010)
Synopsis Drama Kimiko Watanabe (Miki Nakatani) is a divorce counselor with the personal experience
Permalink to Hapkido Essentials (2007)
Hapkido Essentials (2007)
Synopsis Drama Filmed on location in Korea, Hapkido Essentials offers a detailed lesson plan
Permalink to A Boy and His Samurai (2010)
A Boy and His Samurai (2010)
Synopsis Drama Kijima Yasube (Ryo Nishikido), a samurai from the Edo Period, travels through
Permalink to One Pound Gospel (2008)
One Pound Gospel (2008)
Synopsis Drama Hatanaka Kosaku is a talented boxer who turned pro at the age
Permalink to Man Walking On Snow (2007)
Man Walking On Snow (2007)
Synopsis Drama Mashike, a city on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Nobuo Honma is
Permalink to I Wish I Knew (2010)

I Wish I Knew (2010)

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I Wish I Knew (2010)
Synopsis Drama From the director of 24 City, Award winner Zhang Kejia brings us
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Aibou Season 1 (2002)

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Aibou Season 1 (2002)
Synopsis Drama Tokumei Gakari (Special Mission Task Team) – is not considered as important
Permalink to Bad Couple (movie) (2010)
Bad Couple (movie) (2010)
Synopsis Drama A comedy movie that tells the story of a criminal detective with
Permalink to King Geunchogo (2010)

King Geunchogo (2010)

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King Geunchogo (2010)
Synopsis Drama The story of King Geunchogo, warrior king of Baekje. Under his reign,
Permalink to Hissatsu Shigotonin 2010 SP (2010)
Hissatsu Shigotonin 2010 SP (2010)
Synopsis Drama Fujita Makoto who played 'Nakamura Mondo' in the Hissatsu Shigotonin series, died
Permalink to Passage to Buddha (1993)
Passage to Buddha (1993)
Synopsis Drama Director Jang Sun Woo might be best known for provocative, controversial films,
Permalink to Blue Gate Crossing (2002)
Blue Gate Crossing (2002)
Synopsis Drama Best friends Meng Kerou and Lin Yuezhen are enjoying their high school
Permalink to Rose Martial World (2008)
Rose Martial World (2008)
Synopsis Drama Rose Martial World is a Chinese-Hong Kong wuxia-romance television series produced by
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Blades Of Blood (2010)

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Blades Of Blood (2010)
Synopsis Drama Set in 16th Century Joseon era (1592) South Korea, "Like the Moon
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Tobo Bengoshi (2010)

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Tobo Bengoshi (2010)
Synopsis Drama The suspenseful story follows an enthusiastic lawyer who becomes a nationally wanted
Permalink to Jinzou Ningen Hakaider (1995)
Jinzou Ningen Hakaider (1995)
Synopsis Drama drama Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : JAPANESE Type :
Permalink to The Jade and the Pearl (2010)
The Jade and the Pearl (2010)
Synopsis Drama Beautiful Princess Yan (Charlene Choi) is en route to her dream wedding
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Himitsu (2010)

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Himitsu (2010)
Synopsis Drama Heisuke Sugita (Kuranosuke Sasaki) learns that his wife Naoko ( Hikari Ishida)
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Detective Story (2007)

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Detective Story (2007)
Synopsis Drama Raita, a Japanese businessman, just moved into an apartment building where his