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Permalink to Naraka 19 (2007)

Naraka 19 (2007)

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Naraka 19 (2007)
Synopsis Drama A nightmare begins when Rain, a young and beautiful university student, receives
Permalink to The Boys From Fengkuei (1983)
The Boys From Fengkuei (1983)
Synopsis Drama Ah-ching and his friends have just finished school in their Island fishing
Permalink to Five Senses of Eros (2009)
Five Senses of Eros (2009)
Synopsis Drama Five Korean directors muse about sensuality and sexuality in the low-key anthology
Permalink to Bangkok Adrenaline (2009)
Bangkok Adrenaline (2009)
Synopsis Drama Four backpackers arrive in Thailand to party and drink. A gambling game
Permalink to Beauty or Beast (2003)

Beauty or Beast (2003)

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Beauty or Beast (2003)
Synopsis Drama After graduating from the Tokyo University School of Law, Takamiya Makoto (Matsushima
Permalink to DumBeast (2009)

DumBeast (2009)

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DumBeast (2009)
Synopsis Drama An editor arrives at a Sumo village to find the missing award-nominated
Permalink to Chaw (2009)

Chaw (2009)

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Chaw (2009)
Synopsis Drama “Chaw” is a carnivorous horror movie that is set in a peaceful
Permalink to The Warrior and the Wolf (2009)
The Warrior and the Wolf (2009)
Synopsis Drama General Zhang is the commander of a northern border's army camp which
Permalink to Teketeke 2 (2009)

Teketeke 2 (2009)

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Teketeke 2 (2009)
Synopsis Drama The story of Teke Teke, the ghost woman with no legs, continues.
Permalink to I Am Happy (movie) (2009)
I Am Happy (movie) (2009)
Synopsis Drama A man (Hyun-Bin) suffers from mental illness after having lived with a
Permalink to Typhoon (2005)

Typhoon (2005)

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Typhoon (2005)
Synopsis Drama Sin (Jang Dong Gun, who also played the lead role in “Friend”),
Permalink to Yukemuri Sniper (2009)

Yukemuri Sniper (2009)

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Yukemuri Sniper (2009)
Synopsis Drama Gen is a retired assassin who now quietly works at the hot
Permalink to Take Off (2009)

Take Off (2009)

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Take Off (2009)
Synopsis Drama Take Off (2009) - Five men go for the gold as members
Permalink to High Kick Girl (2009)

High Kick Girl (2009)

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High Kick Girl (2009)
Synopsis Drama More than just a cute high school girl. She is a master
Permalink to Detectives In 40 Minutes (2009)
Detectives In 40 Minutes (2009)
Synopsis Drama During fourth period, high schooler Da-jeong finds his classmate Tae-gyu dead in
Permalink to Wing Chun (2007)

Wing Chun (2007)

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Wing Chun (2007)
Synopsis Drama A recreation of sorts to the hit movie THE PRODIGAL SON, with
Permalink to Brown Sugar Macchiato (2006)
Brown Sugar Macchiato (2006)
Synopsis Drama One day, six boys with different personalities and backgrounds are notified they
Permalink to Atashinchi no Danshi (2009)
Atashinchi no Danshi (2009)
Synopsis Drama These days, the term “homeless” has taken on new meaning. There are
Permalink to Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (2009)
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (2009)
Synopsis Drama Lee Pyung Kang's father unfortunately met with an untimely death before completing
Permalink to Lovely Complex (2006)

Lovely Complex (2006)

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Lovely Complex (2006)
Synopsis Drama Koizumi Risa an unusually tall high school girl, meets the "vertically challenged"
Permalink to Auction House (2007)

Auction House (2007)

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Auction House (2007)
Synopsis Drama The drama traces the problems faced by employees of an Auction House.
Permalink to The Ultimate Master of War (2009)
The Ultimate Master of War (2009)
Synopsis Drama Set during the Spring and Autumn Period, this drama revolves around famous
Permalink to Buzzer Beat Special (2009)
Buzzer Beat Special (2009)
Synopsis Drama “Love makes people strong”... This is a love story of a timid