The Grandmaster (2013)

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Synopsis Drama
Hailing from a rich family, Ip Man (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) devoted his life to practicing Wing Chun
in the city of Foshan. When Gong Baosen, Chairman of the Chinese Martial Artists Union,
decides to mark his retirement with a sparring match in Foshan, Ip is thrust into the limelight
as Baosen’s chosen opponent.
Despite objections by Baosen’s daughter Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi), Baosen goes ahead with the match and
and breaks his family’s unbeaten record with a rare loss.
Gong Er manages to save her family honor by winning a rematch against Ip, and the two even strike up
an unspoken bond in the process.
However, the Sino-Japanese War breaks out, causing Ip to lose his family fortune and Baosen’s disciple
Ma San (Zhang Jin) to turn to the Japanese for self-preservation.
While Ip struggles to care for his family, Gong Er makes a major sacrifice in the name of revenge.
Meanwhile, a mysterious man named The Razor (Chang Chen) attempts to leave behind his life as a spy
and heads to Hong Kong…

Genre : Action
Actors : Chang Chen, Cung Le
Country : HONG KONG
Released : 2013

Action grandmaster
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Status Episode : Completed


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