The Eye (2002)

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Synopsis Drama
Angelica Lee (aka: Sinjie) stars as Mun, a twenty-something HK resident who’s been blind since her youth. She becomes the recipient of a cornea transplant, which will finally give her sight and presumably a new lease on life.
However, Mun needs to adjust to her new eyes so she’s sent to handsome psychotherapist Wah (Lawrence Chou). He’s charged with acquainting Mun with her newfound sight. It seems her body may know how the world works, but her vision can’t connect the dots. The physical appearance of others surprises her, and she becomes alienated from her still-blind friends. And there’s an even bigger problem. Yep, Mun sees dead people.  Â

Genre : Drama
Actors : Angelica Lee, Lawrence Chou
Country : HONG KONG
Released : 2002

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Status Episode : Completed


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