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Permalink to 2 Moons The Series (2017)
2 Moons The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama ~~ Adapted from the BL Novel " Two Moon" by Chiffon_Cake Genre
Permalink to Onli(n)e the Series (2017)
Onli(n)e the Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama N/A Genre : Drama Actors : Weerapat Mike, Ratsameerat Wanarat Country :
Permalink to Teen Mom The Series (2017)
Teen Mom The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama The story begins when "Fah" a 6th year high school students get
Permalink to What the Duck The Series (2017)
What the Duck The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama The relationship of several couples who try to search for the meaning
Permalink to Fabulous 30 The Series (2017)
Fabulous 30 The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama Ja, a beautiful woman has everything a woman is supposed to dream
Permalink to Sotus S: The Series (2017)
Sotus S: The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama Kongpob is now head hazer/third year and P'Arthit as job holder... Genre
Permalink to My Bromance The Series (2017)
My Bromance The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama Based on the successful movie, Golf's and Bank's homophobic father/step father, sends
Permalink to Slam Dance: The Series (2017)
Slam Dance: The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama Every match has winners and losers. Rules are important for the game
Permalink to Part Time: The Series (2016)
Part Time: The Series (2016)
Synopsis Drama A series about students who have to work part-time to make ends
Permalink to Sotus: The Series (2016) (2016)
Sotus: The Series (2016) (2016)
Synopsis Drama There's a university system called SOTUS (an acronym which stands for Seniority,
Permalink to Kera (Yakubyougami Series) (2016)
Kera (Yakubyougami Series) (2016)
Synopsis Drama Construction consultant Ninomiya Hiroyuki is reunited with Kuwahara Yasuhiko, who was supposed