Namonaki Doku (2013)

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Synopsis Drama
Sugimura (Koizumi) works as an editor at the public relations department in the Imada Konzern. One day, the chairman, and his father-in-law, Yoshichika (Mikijiro Hira), asks him to support the daughters of his personal driver who died in an accident. The driver was killed in a hit-and-run accident by a bicycle, but the criminal hasn’t been caught yet. The younger daughter Riko (Nao Minamisawa) is eager to find the suspect by writing a book about her father’s life. But the older daughter Satomi (Kyoko Fukada) opposes the idea, and explains why by telling Sugimura about her father’s dark past… ~ TBS

Genre : Mystery
Actors : Koizumi Kotaro, Fukada Kyoko, Maya Miki, Kuninaka Ryoko
Country : JAPANESE
Type : TV SHOW
Released : 2013

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Status Episode : Completed


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