Dousoukai Love Again Shoukougun (2010)

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Synopsis Drama
Housewife Miyazawa Tomomi, her husband out of a job, loses her treasured home as her family is forced to do with less during the recession. Her one ray of sunshine is her upcoming middle school class reunion, where she hopes to meet old friends as well as old flames. The class reunion, however, turns out to be more of turning point not only for her but for the others as well. Just how will these four people’s lives change after their class reunion…

Genre : Romance
Actors : Kuroki Hitomi, Takahashi Katsunori, Saito Yuki, Mikami Hiroshi, Fukikoshi Mitsuru
Country : JAPANESE
Type : TV SHOW
Released : 2010

Romance againdousoukailoveshoukougun
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Status Episode : Completed


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