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Full Throttle (1995)

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Full Throttle (1995)
Synopsis Drama One of Hong Kong’s top motorcycle racers is forced to reevaluate his
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Wild Heroes (2015)

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Wild Heroes (2015)
Synopsis Drama Segawa Kiichi or otherwise known as "Keebou" has recently moved back to
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Witness Insecurity (2012)
Synopsis Drama Witness Protection Unit (WPU) officer, Hui Wai Sam (Bosco Wong) is assigned
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Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1979)
Synopsis Drama A disgraced former Kung Fu expert makes a living as a merchant
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The Sword Identity (2012)
Synopsis Drama Once upon a time in the Southern Chinese city of Guancheng, there
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The Execution Game (1979)
Synopsis Drama The last movie of Tôru Murakawa's "Game" trilogy. Genre : Action Actors
Permalink to The Yagyu Conspiracy (1978)
The Yagyu Conspiracy (1978)
Synopsis Drama The story opens during the last days of the second Shogun, who
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Titli (2015) (2015)

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Titli (2015) (2015)
Synopsis Drama A young man in Delhi tries to break free from his controlling
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Kol Kimono (2015)

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Kol Kimono (2015)
Synopsis Drama When the snow devil escapes, how will the crane god protect his
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Ka Badin (2015)

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Ka Badin (2015)
Synopsis Drama Ka Badin, which takes place in the era of King Nang Klao,
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The Player (2018) (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about the revenge of four talented individuals in their
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Mr. Swimmer (2018)

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Mr. Swimmer (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama stars Thai actor Mike D. Angelo and Ju Jing Yi
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Sketch (Korean Drama) (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama revolves around an ace detective and a female detective who
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BG: Personal Bodyguard (2018)
Synopsis Drama Akira Shimazaki (Takuya Kimura) lives with his middle school student son. He
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Believer (2018) (2018)

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Believer (2018) (2018)
Synopsis Drama A detective goes undercover in a drug ring and allies with a
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Agent Mr. Chan (2018)

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Agent Mr. Chan (2018)
Synopsis Drama Dayo Wong stars as top agent Mr. Chan, who suddenly finds himself
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Ultraman Orb (2016)

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Ultraman Orb (2016)
Synopsis Drama A long time ago, the Earth was plagued by the Demon King
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Time Raiders (2016)

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Time Raiders (2016)
Synopsis Drama Raised by his Uncle Wu Sanxing (Wang Jing Chun 王景春), Wu Xie
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Ice Fantasy (2016)

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Ice Fantasy (2016)
Synopsis Drama One hundred years after a great war between the Ice Tribe and